Like to return this time. Mingle with the crowd and watch the setting sun. Sleep was a long time, I got up, drank water, then slowly started picking up things well in hotel Kiev escort. It was simply a desire to plunge into the sea.
I wanted to fly on the roads leaving behind tens of kilometers, opening windows and turning on the entire volume:
Napo up drunk, Spring!
Napo up drunk, Spring!
I was never able to order escort Kiev, the sun was not yet up and I washed, tossed in the car only necessary things, taking from the freezer cold bottle of water, set out. From the road, I called on the job, citing a headache, really tormenting me lately, agreed with her escort Kiev lady that she will glance to see me at night, feeding the cat Kiev escort ess and enable it to water, it also can only drink from the tap.
What was ahead? Where am I going, because to you I can not get on any machine, but here in Israel, all the distances are not so great — only four hundred miles separated me from the shore of the Red Sea ... They are not difficult preodalet what not to say ... about the distances that separate me from you. You're gone, and I want to experience again the moments of our meetings. Only the echoes of our conversations come up in the memory, your morning greeting:
— Why are so beautiful today? -Smile on your face makes one want to laugh it off:
— It is better to eat you!
And my soul sings. And the Kiev escort girls on the streets wearing summer dresses. As your friend said: «You walk the streets and every 15 minutes hunting to get married!»
I still remember myself, carefree rebounding with gusto and does not hide his!
And the warmth of the soul and the world looks quite different. With you, I seem emerged from the routine of everyday life and began to notice people around, so many years spent in front of his desktop, finding work only joy.
We have been together long, but I am so pleased to remember and envision new appointments. And now, when I was alone, I was miss this city, to feel you near. Once again, even for a moment.
His head ached after a sleepless night. Fortunately, there was no traffic jams in Tel Aviv. I flew to the south. That's behind us turn to Arad, and I still continue my rapid flight.