But here I was waiting for surprises in Kiev escort agency. Have you ever seen that covered the expressway? No? And I, too, until this morning. Across the road was a police car. It was a warning to me — do not, do not go there, you have nothing there to look for ... But I stubbornly turned the wheel to the right...
And traveling through the warning, after standing an hour in a traffic jam from the huge trucks on the highway under construction... Once again, the way is open. Me and my car rush over the most beautiful Kiev escort service places. But my thoughts carry me away in the recent past and sounds:
"Under the blue sky, there is a Kiev escort, with transparent gate and star!
That Arabian road. Filling up ... and slowly taxiing to the perfectly straight road. The sun dazzles the eyes, lips dry, blindingly bright sun ... wore dark glasses ... and fly! How strange, I think I'm alone in this world is coming to the sea. On the way, only trucks, I slowly overtake them. How cool is this invented singing roadside. All along the highway right of the yellow band full of brackets ... and when the wheel runs into the yellow stripe the curb, highway sings — "well, where you skidded, take the wheel to the left a little "... That index — 169 km separates me from the sea. From this Magazine as the sea, which has no equal in the world. It opens suddenly ... and you see the pier ... and the masts of ships ... But in the foreground hotels — high-rise buildings glisten in the sun ... right in the middle of the desert.
I arrived in Kiev escort Eilat hot day, the air is hot, but surprisingly lively around — white taxis running around with the windows closed. Tanned black with fair-haired tourists with beach bags thrown over his shoulder ... Well, what dalshe? Why am I so yearned here? It must be somewhere to stay ... and I decide to throw things in a small campsite «Caroline» for the city. We once stayed here with you. It's amazing — the same girl giggling behind a partition.
— Good day! You can find a house?
— Yes, please — for two?
— No, I am one.
— But the price is the same as for two. — A little upset and said to me ...