On Monday night, when Julia girls for escort in Kiev went to the subway after work, it suddenly someone persistently touched his hand and asked: 'girl and the girl, let me meet you? " She turned and saw a bouquet of flowers smiling face of her husband. «Durenok, you're so scared!» — With a happy laugh, "she said.
The case brought me once with a woman who later became my wife. About how it happened acquaintance I want to tell. In my 45 it is difficult to get married again, having lost the models escort Kiev he loved once, each time getting to know have all the time to compare all women with one that was for you only and beloved.
It has been five years since my escort in Kiev girl left me, and one day I met a long cruise. Packed in a backpack all the necessary and went. I must say that so distract from this blow of fate, I'm addicted to the long voyage. I went a whole month in the woods, in the remotest corners of the Vologda province. It's been three days now since I left the last settlements.
One day when the day was drawing to a close, and I sought out a place to sleep, I met her. At first I mistook it for the beast, as it curled asleep under a huge pine tree. The sound of footsteps, she jumped up in fright. The sight of her was pitiful, and her face was a solid flat pancake. So she was bitten by insects. Jeans were broken in many places, through which shone legs all bruised, his shirt buttoned to the chin was dirty and too many places torn.
Soon after his arrival in America, returning to his car from the university, my daughter made her own fault collision. Behind the wheel the other car was a pregnant woman. The woman escaped with fright, but it is possible that it would require a court compensation for the harm caused to health of their unborn child.
I never thought to find himself here in escort in Kiev Eilat, one. It was like crazy — to repeat the way ... let him without you, just dreaming that you're still close ... It came so suddenly, I sat in the evening, before the mirror combing his hair, and his eyes caught the picture in the corner mirrors — sunset over the sea and I wanted the pain to go there, where nobody knew me. But where? I was so cool there, in Eilat.