You touched my hand — and the whole real Kiev escorts dream took off.
I knew we'd be together, but I did not think it would be so great. Your hands caress my body and I was so new and glad to feel your closeness.
The desire to absorb you all ... desire to give that same pleasure, for which people from agency Kiev escort forget everything. And your gorgeous body, which seemed surprisingly familiar.
Do you remember our night rally? We then decided to find the Jordanian border, and swirled on a long deserted highway, causing the couple in cars, leaving on the same road a few times. Index — The border in front of you! " — We got caught three times, but we have not found where this transition. You are joking — this man needs urgently to Kiev escort Jordan, so what he do?
And then we went in search of a military airport. The road to the highlands. You're still not accustomed to manual control and stopped to again and again try to start to rise. Funny, perhaps, we could observe from the sidelines. Empty road and her car, then pulled out, then stops ... And the sun rose. You were fascinated by the machine, but I watched the sunrise, dropping his seat and enjoying the Kiev escort beauty. When I drew your attention, you noticed a funny way — «Not all that sun that rises!» I still remember your quizzical expression on his face — and I want to see Kiev escort!
Sun vtavalo, we went swimming, and rising sun, hot water enveloped us like fresh milk and our bodies slid into a calm sea. Later, there will be noisy and scorching hot, and now, in this silence you and me! When a long swim, breath and calm down movement seems stretched in time. Bright fish is not afraid of us and we floated, looking at the reef on the seabed. Tired, we sailed quite to the coast and lay in the water, enjoying the silence, your big hand covered my hand.
— I'll be leaving soon — you broke the silence, but then I did not understand the meaning of your words.
— I'll wait for you, — I smiled and continued to be viewed through the layer of water your hands, your body is covered with curly red hair and dotted with freckles.