And again, as if afraid that I will not hear thee, repeated, — you know how long I've waited for vip Kiev escort.
It was like a blow. Just came back to your stories, dreams of a distant Magazine as Australia. I never thought it was serious. You always enthusiastically talked about their work the work of an archaeologist. But here, too — have you been doing work he loves. What do you want to find in this remote Kiev Ukraine escort?
— I'll wait for you — I repeated doggedly.
After all, we do not associate any promises, we just had fun together, but no word has not yet been said. You were free, as I do. But I had no idea — why do I need — this Ukraine escort freedom. I have no thought that you could get out of my life. You turned to me and looked me in the eye:
— I told you that the forward contract. He signed ...
— But you come back?
— I do not know if everything will be just as I plan, I'll be back next year, you can wait?
Then the fees are happy for you, I saw you was full of anticipation of the work and could not hide his sadness. Here's my world, my home, my job in Kiev escort. And I do not want to parting with you was painful.
I remember when I got out of the water. Put them directly on the dress wet bathing suit, closed her eyes and mentally said to myself:
— Our feast is not finished yet and we must not succumb to hysteria.
We returned to the hotel, tired, mad who wanted to sleep and our bodies intertwined in a farewell dance ...
Our meetings are fresh in my memory. They say memory — this is something to forget ... True — memory — this is life! And here you are next to me ...
You turn me on his back and slowly kiss my lips ... then the neck ... chest:
— I feel like a child clinging to your chest!
My hands embrace you, and you hug my Kiev escort body, hugging me and my heart beats like a little hammer ...
Late evening. I wander along the quiet paths of the garden, inhaling the heady smell of the approaching night. It is intoxicating me and I feel like my head is spinning. More recently, this tart flavor tenderness night enveloped us both. Yesterday, on earthly laws, but I know an eternity ...
For me only black fishnet stockings and high heels.